Timetables 2019.

Here are the schedules for this summer. We still don’t have the timatables for September-October, but it’s usually the same “low season” as it was in May-June.
Thank you Holland, Hungary and Sweden for sharing the pictures with us, and help everybody to make holiday plans by bus!

If you start planning, please first read ALL the informations written on this website and on the facebook – if you did it, and there is still no answer for your question, ask us. In other case, if the answer is already written, please don’t wait for our message, because our time is also limited, we also have job, family and holiday. 😉 If you have any special request about the buses, you have to contact the KTEL (phone, e-mail, personally) – we don’t have any official connection with the bus company.

Don’t forget, it’s an un-official page based on tourist experiences – upon arrival you should double check everything at the bus station!

Keep in mind: peace, respect, teamwork – and have a great holiday on Karpathos!


High season


Low season 2019.