Low season 2018 schedule HERE.

High season 2018 schedule HERE.

Timetables from Lefkos HERE.

Have a nice trip!

Have a nice trip!

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33 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Elena says:

    Good morning , I would like to know if your buses are in service even 16 to 23 September and if you can send me the table with the times , thanks

  2. karpathosbybus says:

    Check the timetables on the facebook (karpathos by bus) or here on the website. Low season schedule will be valid on your travel dates until the first week of October. Have a nice holiday!

  3. Jacques says:


  4. karpathosbybus says:

    the bus stop in Pigadia is not at the port, but not far from that.

  5. karpathosbybus says:

    Thank you very much!!!

  6. karpathosbybus says:

    Thank you very much again!!!

  7. U. Hanke says:

    Is there in 2017 a bus service from the airport to Finiki?
    Thank you so much!

  8. karpathosbybus says:

    No, there isn’t.
    The high and low season schedules are uploaded to this site and also to the facebook. 😉

  9. Ivan says:

    Hello, where is bus stop in the Arkassa

  10. karpathosbybus says:

    The first one where the road turns to Ag. Theodoros, the second one where the road turns to Finiki. You’ll find them, visible are, and the locals also help you.

  11. Claudia de Francesco says:

    Good mornig I am in Arkasa how I can go to Pigadia on Wensaday or Thurday (tomorrow 20-7 and 21_7)
    Thank you

  12. Balazs says:

    Hello! What’s the different between 2/a and 2/b line? If we go to Lefkos (2/a), the route across the Menetes, Arkasa, Finiki or not? Or 2/a line going trough Aperi, Piles? And one more question: can we buy weekly ticket? Thanks a lot!:-)

  13. karpathosbybus says:

    You check the schedule here or there at the bus stop, and at the scheduled time you wait for the bus. 😉

  14. karpathosbybus says:

    No weekly ticket.
    To/from Lefkos you always go via Menetes (except in school time, when the first bus from Lefkos starts from Ag. Georgios and goes through the east side).

  15. Ines says:

    Hey! I would like to know if there is a bus from the airport to Lefkos on a Tuesday?

  16. karpathosbybus says:

    Please, check the schedule!

  17. Raiwer says:

    Are there no buses between middle of October and middle of May?
    If “yes”, are there buses the first of May?

  18. karpathosbybus says:

    Regular buses are running from mid-May until mid-October normally. First on May probably you’ll not find and bus running due to bank holiday. But always check the opportunities upon arrival at the bus station, because there could be positive changes!

  19. Kirsi says:

    When will you add here the 2018 schedule?

  20. karpathosbybus says:

    As soon as somebody will send us (as every year). 🙂

  21. Mary Giakoumelos says:

    I would also like to know when will you be gettng the new bus schedule for 2018/19. As soon as they send you isnt a very good response to a quention. Thanks mary

  22. karpathosbybus says:

    Sorry, that you dont’t like the “as soon as” answer, but if you follow this site and the facebook, it’s easy to understand, that all of the informations are coming from people all over the world, who are travelling to Karapthos, and WE make the site in our free time.
    So maybe this year you will be the first, who can catch a photo from the new schedule, and share with us. 😉

  23. Roublev says:

    I want to know at what time is the bus at Arkasa to the airport by Wednesday please ? 🙂

    Thanks !

  24. karpathosbybus says:

    Please, check the new schedule! There is no bus from Arkassa to the airport… And never was.

  25. Roublev says:


  26. Thank you very much!

  27. Sian Doherty says:

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for creating this website and for providing the timetables.

    Please could I confirm, when traveling Saturday the 22nd of September, what time the bus will leave diafani to go to Olympos?

  28. From Diafani you should always ask there, because it’s not sure that the bus will go down (especially now in low-season).
    And thanks for your nice words! 🙂

  29. ritsa says:

    Hello, can İ ask you if there is a bus everyday from the airport to pigadia? İ am planning to be in the island, in August. Thank you.

  30. Hello,
    first of all please, check the schedule – you’ll find all the informations.
    Normally there are no big changes year to year, but the timetables for August of 2019 will be available only from next June (maybe … as soon as somebody will share with us).

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