Walking tips

It’s not a hiking book,  only a couple of trails and (mostly) shorter walks are mentioned here – all of them are feasible by using the local buses. I hope that these informations can add something more for your holiday, for falling in love with Karpathos.

It’s important for you to check the schedule, the map and take into consideration your phisycal ability and compute the time required for you. Don’t forget about the sunshine, the heat, the height difference. Take with you water, some food, windcheater, cap and your mobile (just in case).

The best (and cheap) paper maps for walking, hiking:
Terrain Maps
Orama Maps
Most of them you can buy on Karpathos, but if you travel from an another greek airport or big city it’s worth to check it there also. Completely subjective opinion!

If you’d like to share your adventure or you’d like to mention a new one (only by foot and using the local bus!) come to the facebook – everybody is welcome, and it’s sure that a lot of people will be happy with new and up-to-date posts!


  1. Take the bus to Menetes.
    a) Walk up to the Profitis Ilias church.DSCF5427
    b) Walk  to Ammopi.
    c) Walk to Pigadia (hiking trail)
  2. Take the bus to Ammopi.
    a) In Ammopi walk to Small Ammopi and continue your way to the small beaches, or walk up to the hill and enjoy the view, or follow the hiking trail to Pigadia.
    b) In Ammopi walk on the way to Kastelia, and cross the rocks for an another bay.
  3. Take the bus to Arkassa.
    a) Walk to Paleokastro.
    b) Walk up to the hill, to the church on the opposite side.
    c) Follow the concrete road to Ag. Theodoros beach. Be careful, no shadow or water on the way!
  4. Take the bus to Lefkos.
    DSCF3549a) Check your map and stop at any beaches which you like between Finiki and Lefkos. It’s on you!
    b) Stop at Ag. Georgios and after walk down to Lefkos.
    c) From Lefkos follow the hiking trail to Mesochori.
    d) From Ag. Georgios hiking to the Kali Limni! (Attention: this is the longer way! Check the weather forecast – especially for wind!)
  5. Take the bus to Olympos/Diafani.
    a) From the crossroad walk to Mesochori.
    b) Stop at Spoa.
    c) Stop at Spoa, walk to Ag. Nikolaos.
    d) After Spoa you’ll find two crossroads heading to beaches: Agnontia, Ag. Minas, Nati.
    e) From Olympos walk down to Diafani (hiking trail).
    f) In Olympos walk up to the windmills.DSCF6267
  6. Take the bus to the Airport.
    a) Walk to Diakoftis or Michailou Kipos. Be careful, no shadow or water on the way to Diakoftis!
    b) From the crossroad walk to Damatria.
    c) Check the windy beaches between Damatria and the airport.
  7. Take the bus to Aperi-Volada-Othos-Pyles.
    a) From Aperi walk down to Achata (concrete road or hiking trail).
    b) From Pyles walk down to the western side of the island (more options) and in the afternoon take the bus from there to your hotel.
    c) From Pyles walk down to Aperi (you can follow the concrete road or the path)
    d) From Volada walk to Aperi (hiking trail).
    e) From Volada go to the Kali Limni! (Check the weather forecast – especially for wind!)
    f) From Othos walk to Pigadia (hiking trail).
  8. Take the bus to Apella/Kyra Panagia.
    a) Walk to Kato Lakkos.
    b) Walk to Achata (concrete road or hiking trail).
  9. Don’t take the bus! Just walk around Pigadia!
    a) Follow the coastline to the north, and before the road turns to Aperi, you’ll find the hiking trail.
    b) Walk out from Pigadia to the south to Larniotissa, Ag. Kiriaki, and from there you can go to Ammopi or get back to Pigadia on a hiking trail.


Have a nice walk!