Around Karpathos

Visit the villages and beaches with local buses and by foot! More informations about schedule, routes  in the right-side menu.

Have a nice trip!
Καλό ταξίδι!



Coming soon…

The season starts soon, so let’s see, who will be the first this year capturing the schedule!

❗️❗️❗️ Until we’ll have the timetables of 2019, you can check the schedules from last year, make your plans – and don’t worry, usually there are no big changes. ❗️❗️❗️

Wish you a pleasant summer, enjoy your holiday on Karpathos!

P.s: If somebody doesn’t get any answer to a message on fb means that the answer is already written on the facebook or on the website…  Thank you in advance to respect our job and time.

Summer is coming

Hello everybody! Sorry for the silence.
Summer is coming, and I hope, you’ll visit Karpathos! Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, photos, questions on our facebook site (pre-moderating), ask for help and help, if you can.
The Karpathos by bus site wishes you a very happy and prospering year – and of course a trip to this beautiful island!


Help for staying up-to-date

Dear visitors/passengers! Due third party reasons I’ll be not on the island for a while. But I don’t want to give up this site, I don’t want to loose the up-to-date style. This page was created for help all of you, who doesn’t have a driving license (or just doesn’t want to drive during the holiday), to show that it’s possible to see a lot from Karpathos without car and independently from travel agencies. Be free, don’t follow a group, follow your dreams, your taste!
So if anybody will have a newer schedule, useful informations, experiences, changes, ideas, please, share on the facebook site! (Karpathos by bus) Thank you very much!